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Madison’s Leap Frog Consignment & More Celebrating 10 Years

Feature  Article from 'What's Around Town' 
By Amanda Brandon


With a background in retail, Mary Anna Chaney had always shopped consignment for her four children and saw a need for a store in the Madison area when she moved here in 2001.


Just a few months later, Leap Frog Children’s Consignment & More was born.


Named for the childhood game, Leap Frog doesn’t exhibit the typical consignment store feel when a shopper walks through the door. The clothing is neatly arranged and the space is adorned with gifts, hand-painted artwork and children’s furniture. It feels more like an upscale children’s boutique – without the price tag.


“That was intentional,” says Mary Anna. “I always wanted my shop to look like a gift shop and my great staff (Stacey and Ashlie) and consignors make it possible.”


Moms learn about the store through other moms at play groups, church groups and daycares. The mom-to-mom recommendation has proven successful for growing the store from one room to three.


The customer satisfaction is quite apparent in the many awards the store has received: including a recent Mississippi Magazine Top Three consignment shops in Mississippi and six consecutive years as a Parents & Kids favorite.


“I know that people will always shop for their children and they’re always looking for a good deal,” she says of her success. “The best part of it is seeing the babies that were born 10 years ago coming in.”


Mary Anna says consigning and consignment shopping is a great way to help families stay within their budgets. “A lot of my consignors can get money for their clothes and then continue to buy,” she says. “It’s a way to have a cushion of money for new clothes and gifts.”


In addition to consignment, Leap Frog is a one-stop shop for kid essentials including new baby gifts, handmade clothing, hair bows, diaper bags, preschooler backpacks.


Mary Anna’s heart for service is obvious in her interactions with customers and staff. Newcomers get an invitation to her church if they haven’t found a church home and those in need get unsold consignment items.


Hundreds of women and children have been helped through donations to The Christmas Village, the Junior Auxiliary, the Bargain Boutique, churches heading to Haiti, and the Pregnancy Center.


“Every day I wake up and almost can’t believe it’s mine, especially when we win the awards,” Mary Anna says. "It’s not because of me – it’s because of my staff and the people who have the love for the business I have.”


Next week, Leap Frog will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Fan them on Facebook to get the details of this special celebration and Facebook-only sales. Leap Frog is located at 104 Village Blvd. off Highway 51 in Madison. Call them at 601-898-0727.  

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